14 April 2017

  • Various crawler optimisations.
  • Fixed Prototronics crawler.

30 March 2017

  • Added MCU Market (
  • Listing latest products on the landing page.

26 Feb 2017

  • Fixed a bunch of crawling errors (DIYElectronics, Netram, Botshop, MicroRobotics).
  • Upgraded server memory.
  • Added indexing.
  • Removed "Indicator Pricing" section. Much better solution coming soon!
  • Added Indexer Health page to make it easier to detect when indexing breaks.

28 March 2016

  • Added images for all products!
  • Added Sorting, Filtering and tweakable result displays.
  • Added indexing for Communica and BotShop, another 18,000+ items to the database.
  • Added widget for the Underground Electronics Facebook page to the About page.
  • Various bugfixes to various crawlers.
  • Various responsive fixes including changing the results page so that it adapts to smaller screens.

25 March 2016

  • Redesigned "Home" page and various other style tweaks.
  • Set up the crawling to automatically happen at 3am every morning.
  • Added page render timing statistics to footer.
  • Moved "Latest Products" to its own page.
  • Moved "Indicators" to its own page.
  • Added Search autofocus on page load.
  • Added this changelog.

24 March 2016

  • Deployed rewritten/tweaked crawlers for various sites to deal with sites that don't have canonical URLs.
  • Added "Latest Products" section.
  • Added product count per retailer.

23 March 2016

  • Added Facebook Like Widget.

20 March 2016

  • Complete rewrite of the crawlers using Scrapy.
  • Added search functionality.
  • Added indexing for Lantis, Digital Droid and Prototronics.
  • Added link departure tracking.

19 March 2016

  • Initial release.